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Latest and Greatest

This is the sixth installment of a weekly collection of the “latest and greatest.” I post two (yea, this week it’s one) newly discovered songs that have captured my attention and two (again, only one this week) of my longtime (word of warning, this will be a relative term) favorite songs that are building up dust in my music library.


I’ve Got This Friend by The Civil Wars

This has been one of my most exciting discoveries of the year. While I had heard the name The Civil Wars tossed around—most recently touring with the beloved Milo Greene—I first heard the song I’ve Got This Friend on Sirius XM while driving on the Mass Pike into Boston last week. I was captivated by the blissful vocal harmonies between John Paul Williams and his partner Joy Williams as they repeatedly wail “oh if the right one came, if the right one came along.” I immediately purchased Barton Hallow, their debut album released in February 2011 and have been listening to it on heavy rotation ever since. It is hard not to be drawn in by the playful back and forth of I’ve Got This Friend and even more so by the duo’s lyrical craft. I am still spending time letting these two soak in, but expect a dedicated blog once I’m fully pruned by their sweet sounds.

I’ve got this friend holding onto her heart
Like it’s a little secret, like it’s all she’s got to give 


Galileo by Indigo Girls

After a challenging but rewarding effort to put together an all-female mix for my mom, I rediscovered Galileo, one of my favorite songs of all time. Galileo lives on the Indigo Girls’ 1992 Rites of Passage, an album whose songs continue to fill the rooms of my childhood home. I had the privilege of seeing this folk duo—Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, who have been playing together for over 20 years—back in 2002. I remember being blown away by their amazing harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and spectacular musical arrangements. I saw them again this past October at the Beacon Theatre, almost 9 years later, and was again floored by their gifted fingerpicking and vocal arrangements. While I have not followed them over the years, Indigo Girls deservedly continue to receive accolades for their music.


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