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So I started writing this post on Tuesday, when temperatures in New York City fell as low as 11 degrees with wind chill. It is now Saturday and in typical global climate change fashion, the weather is oddly reminiscent of a beautiful crisp October fall day. But, pretend for a second that it is actually cold outside as you read this…


The weather has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. It’s possible (and likely) that we’ve been blessed with a mild winter so far, heightening our reaction to the recent plummeting temperatures. Either way, a cold front has arrived on my doorstep, and despite great willpower, I have not been able to turn it away.

But for all of my complaining, the arrival of cold weather has coincided with the arrival of refreshing, solemn, cold-weather tunes—Iron & Wine, The Tallest Man On Earth and Desert Noises.  While I have returned to work, and therefore am no longer able to enjoy my music sitting alongside the crackling fireplace, these tunes transplant me to my winter wonderland.

Iron & Wine

It was with great delight that I stumbled upon (well, let’s be honest, Pitchfork tweeted about it) the euphoric video for Godless Brother In Love, a beautiful song off of Iron & Wine’s 2011 album Kiss Each Other Clean (which, I must note, I totally overlooked in 2011). While the video is quite emblematic of the song, for me it takes place in the wrong season. If I close my eyes and let Sam Beam’s delicate voice stream through my veins, landscapes coated white with snow fill my imagination.

The Tallest Man On Earth

Kristian Matsson has quickly become a favorite among the many voices in my music library. His raw croak and fingerpicking guitar are the epitome of the folk revival. Stripped down and intimate, his music needs no embellishment. There is something about Love Is All, off of Tallest Man On Earth’s 2010 album The Wild Hunt, that grabs me. Be it his forlorn lyrics or repeated vocal hiccup.

Oh, I said I could rise
From the harness of our goals
Here come the tears
But like always, I let them go.

Desert Noises

It’s always good to know people who know people. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% of my new music comes from Adam over at songsfortheday, including the fantastic 2011 album Mountain Sea from Utah-based quartet Desert Noises. They are a perfect cross between Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses (his characterization, not mine, though I wholeheartedly agree). The band has me hooked it’s opening number, Highway Cars, with its funky beat and sun-filled harmonies. The album only gets better with the sweet melody Tell Me You Love Me.




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