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I Won’t Give Up

So in November I had the great privilege of attending Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera’s incredible acoustic performance at Carnegie Hall. Less than 24 hours later, I wrote a post about the concert, oozing with hyperbolic language (I still remain convinced that it was the best live performance I have ever attended). Days later, the newest employee at my office, in utter dismay at being unable to attend the show, commented on the blog.

This marked the beginning of a new friendship, revolving mostly around our eerily common music taste. And so it is appropriate that it was the same coworker who today excitedly sent me the newest song from Jason, released on January 2 (thanks Dustyn!).

I Won’t Give Up is stellar preview of Mraz’s next album (due for release in the first half of 2012), a flawless addition to his catalogue and the perfect way to open a new year. Jason sings of a hopeful and inspirational love—one that overcomes rough skies, bends and learns without breaking. The song highlights Jason’s vocal range and talent, stays true to his reputation of lyrical wordplay and musicality and is layered with Toca Rivera’s beautiful vocal harmonies. It is raw with emotion.

‘Cause even the stars they burn
Some even fall to the earth
We’ve got a lot to learn
God knows we’re worth it
No, I won’t give up

The song is available for purchase on iTunes and is streaming on Spotify!


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What a beautiful mess this is

Jason Mraz delivered the best live performance I’ve ever attended last night at New York City’s finest, most elegant venue—Carnegie Hall. Despite nosebleed seats that left my back aching from leaning over to see Mraz and his compatriot Toca Rivera, I was literally blown away by Jason’s talent and musicality.

The setting was idyllic. The unrivaled acoustics of Carnegie Hall perfectly complemented Jason’s unparalleled vocal talent. Carnegie Hall’s plush red seats fit over 2,800 people. Taking up only 8 square feet of the entire stage, Jason managed to make the performance incredibly intimate.

Though it likely sounds hyperbolic, Jason was perfect. He hit every single note and enamored an already loving crowd with his vocal range, jazzy scatting and skillful guitar playing.

The acoustic performance was in celebration of the tenth anniversary of his Live & Acoustic 2001 debut album. Long-time friend and band-mate Toca Rivera—on percussion and vocals—joined Jason on stage. The duo was incredibly dynamic. Jason’s looped layers of guitar and Rivera’s vibrant percussion and vocal harmonies created a full sound that bounced off the walls of the great hall.

But the truth is, Jason could have been up there alone with only a guitar in hand and held our attention. His vocal range and depth—diving deep into low baritones and easily reaching incredible falsettos and sopranos—left my mouth agape.

Highlights of the night include Jason’s stunning opera singing on Mr. Curiosity and his performance of Love For A Child (studio version of both are streaming below). He playfully led the crowd in a back and forth sing-along to his scat and had the women in tears when he spotlighted a couple get engaged midway through his set.

I have been listening to Jason Mraz since the release of his first full-length album, Waiting For My Rocket To Come, in 2002 and have always believed him to be an incredibly talented musician. But not until last night did I fully appreciate the depth and breadth of Jason’s musical gift.

Love For A Child

Mr. Curiosity

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