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Don’t you love hearing a new song and knowing immediately that something completely beautiful has entered your life? For me, that’s a rush. This happened while scrolling through Adam’s (songsfortheday) fantastic winter mix. I found myself playing January White by Sleeping At Last over and over again, until I finally opened my computer and looked it up. Song after song I played and I loved each more than the last.

Ryan O’Neal’s voice moves me. It has a unique quality—pure, pitch-perfect, passionate, and soulful—that leaves me flushed and breathless. His vocals are perfectly complemented by his instrumental arrangements with layers of strings, ukulele, banjo and piano. The result is an organic, textured sound.

And to top it all off, Sleeping At Last has a music catalogue complete with three full-length records and a 36-song, 12-EP project. I have focused my energies on several songs off of Storyboards, the band’s 2009 independently released full-length record:

I am still getting my bearings in Sleeping At Last’s catalogue and look forward to discovering more beauties.


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